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God has truly blessed Immanuel with dedicated staff, loving parents, and generous donors.
Thank you!

The RACE FOR EDUCATION fundraiser plays a BIG part is providing Immanuel Lutheran School
with vital funds that provide a transformational education to more than 435 students. We are
so grateful for your participation!

Last year we hit a milestone of raising more than $35,000 towards the new playground. Wow!
Our school’s goal is to once again raise $35,000 to fund an outdoor classroom and
meeting space adjacent to the outdoor playground, fostering a dynamic learning
environment that seamlessly integrates education and recreation. This will ensure that
students, families, and our community have access to a versatile space that nurtures
both academic and social growth. Working together, we can reach our goal!

To celebrate, Immanuel will host the color run on October 20th. Have your students wear a
white shirt to make the most of this colorful experience. Parents, you are welcome to attend
and cheer on your little ones!

With your support detailed in this packet, students will have every opportunity to thrive
academically and spiritually here at Immanuel.

Race For Education Packet

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