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John 16:33 In this world you will have trouble (Jesus speaking to Disciples) What Jesus !!!

I don’t want trouble I want good health I want a good income I want a loving spouse I want a nice house

I don’t want trouble I want good friends I want security I want my children to be successful I want to be relevant

I don’t want trouble I want to be happy I want to enjoy life I want to make a difference in my community I want the Packers to win 4 straight Super Bowls I don’t want trouble Well, I about covered most people's aspirations.  But perhaps the aspirations didn’t answer the most important question.  What does God the Father want?   As a parent I think I know the answer. He wants us to have a relationship with Him. What parent or child would not want that? What if my aspirations get in the way of that relationship?  What if I experience trouble in this world?  Will I still focus on my relationship with the Father or will I become depressed or angry or faithless? Okay on to the rest of my unfavorite bible verse.   This is the good part.  But take heart! I have overcome the world. John 16:33 Jesus tells us that the troubles of the world are irrelevant. He has overcome them to secure the thing that matters. The restored relationship with the Father. Forgiven through the sacrifice on the cross and sealed at Christ's resurrection. So, I don’t want trouble but I do want to have a relationship with the Father. Truthfully, I want both my aspirations and the relationship with my Father.  The question becomes which is the most important when the trouble comes.  Jesus didn’t say you might have trouble. He said you will have trouble. We know how the journey ends and I want the road to be smooth and enjoyable. When the journey isn’t smooth or enjoyable my prayer is that I can continue anyway in joyful faith, peace and confidence. Okay .... it’s one of my favorite verses after all.

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