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Immanuel Devotion Blog

Welcome to the Immanuel Devotion Blog written by staff and members of Immanuel Lutheran Church School and Child Care FOR our Immanuel Family. Come back often to reflect on God's Word together. Let's stay connected to each other but more importantly to Jesus through the Word. Blessings on your reading, reflecting and praying.

Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind.

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit for guidance before you begin.

  2. Provide a title for the devotion.

  3. Include at least one Bible reference to either read or look up. (Including Bible version – NIV, ESV, etc.) 

  4. Maximum of 375 words. The devotion may include poetry, fiction, a personal story, an essay, a piece of original artwork to reflect on, you name it... There are lots of possibilities when it comes to learning from God’s Word and each other.

  5. Include 2 or 3 discussion questions or thoughts.

  6. Include a prayer prompt at the end of the devotion.

  7. Have fun and be creative!   

Please submit all devotions to

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