We’d love to have you join us!


Immanuel is one of the names given to Jesus. Coming from the Hebrew language, Immanuel means God (el) is with (imman) us (u). Jesus is the “with us” God. He entered our world, taking on our human flesh, living among us to Embrace Us with His Grace, Equip Us with His Gifts, and Engage Us to Go with Him into our world.

Jesus, our Immanuel, came to this world to love, serve and save us, transforming us from self-centered sinners into Christ following servants. He calls us to walk together in love, growing together in His life.

Here’s some reasons we’d love it if you would walk with us as your spiritual family

At Immanuel, you will be relationally connected to other children of God who will be ‘with” you as you grow and mature spiritually.

At Immanuel, you will be embraced spiritually, emotionally and physically by a faith family that will seek to love you unconditionally in the grace of God.

At Immanuel, you will be encouraged to develop and grow according to the unique design God gave you in your abilities, gifts, passions, personality and experiences.

At Immanuel, your growth will be formed by God’s sure and perfect Word, using the Bible to inform your growth.

At Immanuel, you will have opportunities to grow in service to your family, community and world, with an external focus on the needs of others, as Jesus did for you.

We’d love to have you join us on this faith journey with our Immanuel!