What is Kingdom Quest?

Kingdom Quest is our Sunday School program for children ages 2 through Grade 5. Kingdom Quest is a rotational style Sunday School designed to be relational, engaging, and fun as you learn about the Bible and start to apply it to your daily life.

On Sunday mornings from 9:30-10:30am; groups meet in various rooms throughout the school building. Parents need to drop and pick up their children from their assigned classrooms.

Kingdom Quest runs from the first Sunday after Labor Day until the week before Memorial Day weekend. 

• Jesus-centered/Bible-based

The material is Jesus-centered and Bible-based. The children are challenged to apply their faith into everyday situations.

• Large Group/Small Group Teaching Format

Each age group comes together for large group presentations with drama, storytelling, then kids return to their own small groups for application and hands-on activities with their Shepherd.

• Hands On Learning

The lessons use active learning methods that engage kids for an exciting and fun experience every week! The small group “Shepherds” connect with the kids and help them apply God’s truth to their lives.

• Communication with Parents

“God Talk at Home” is a resource that parents can use at home to talk about the weekly lesson. These are emailed to the parents every week. Sign up for our weekly newsletter!

Where Do I Go?

Registration takes place right outside of the gym into the School Wing. If you can’t find the gym ask the Guest Services attendant by the sanctuary and they would be glad to point you in the right direction.

Have more questions? Contact the Director of Youth and Discipleship Heather Vahl by calling the church office
262-781-7140 or through email

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